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Lew Newkirk is a much loved former Pastor of Casey Baptist Church who served there for 5 years. His ministry to us continues today through the devotionals featured here for your encouragement.

Wasted Prayers

Prayer has always been an integral part of all “worship” whether Christian or Pagan. Have you ever given thought to how many prayers on any given day are offered up in this wide world? Think about the reasons why people pray...despair, gratitude, want, joy, fear, duty, greed, form. Think of many rituals that are a part of the praying of various religions and cultures. What must “He who sits above the circle of the earth” think as He listens to all of them? It is a sobering and sad contemplation!


Lessons Repeated

Is it not often so, that we only learn in part
And the Master's testing time may show
That it was not quite “by heart?”
Then He gives, in His wise and patient grace,
That lesson again with the mark still set
in the self-same place.
(Frances Ridley Havergal)

In the six short passages that John Mark is mentioned in the Bible we can follow the life of a young man who for some reason failed the test set before him but learned from his mistake and when the Master tested him again concerning whatever was his problem he showed that he had learned his lesson, and evidently, learned it well! I believe it is recorded for all of us as an encouragement.


God Is Still Speaking

I remember a young teen asking me in great seriousness; “What about all the people in the world who have not heard about God; what happens to them?” It was in a Sunday School class and we had been talking about heaven and hell. I turned to John 1:9; “That was the true Light (Jesus) that gives light to every man coming into the world,” and I said that if God tells us He has revealed Himself to every person then by faith I accept it. I have been asked that question many times as a Pastor, and if I could go back I would take time to discuss with that class the ways God does specifically speak to people.


Are There Any Blessings in Getting Older?

My question is this: “Are there blessings that come with old age, or do you just keep rehearsing the blessings of the past?” If you know Joyce and me very well, than you can probably picture her smiling and rolling her eyes as I make a point about something by telling another true 'story' from my life to illustrate it. My grandchildren are the recipients of my advice-giving storytelling and they, too, smile, but they at least don't roll their eyes! After giving this some thought I believe that there are blessings that can come with every stage of life; infancy, childhood, teenage, young adult, middle age, old age...provided you are a child of God and are paying close attention.


The Never-Ending Tests of Life!

“Life on this earth is a brief pilgrimage between two moments of nakedness.” (John Stott)

Job put it this way: “Naked came I from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away: Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

There is nothing new under the sun according to Solomon and that includes the trials that come into our life; furthermore, I am sure I am not going to write anything new on the subject, and if you are like me you would prefer to think about something else. But nobody is exempt. I don't know anyone who has had a “perfect” life, nor have I read a biography of a life like that. I would be willing to bet that if you are reading this you have recently gone or are presently going through a difficult time of some degree. It could be only God knows; you have confided in Him alone. You are blessed indeed if you have the benefit of a close friend that you trust.


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