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Lew Newkirk is a much loved former Pastor of Casey Baptist Church who served there for 5 years. His ministry to us continues today through the devotionals featured here for your encouragement.

So, What Difference Does It Make?

If I were to ask you what is the difference between a religious person and a Christian, what would be your answer? And by Christian I do not mean a follower of any of the genetically modified hybrids out there…I mean the authentic Christian. The answer would probably be a belief that salvation is by Christ alone, grace alone and faith alone…nothing added or subtracted. It is that simple. But if I were to ask you what is the difference between Christians themselves, you would probably answer; minor doctrinal issues, lifestyle philosophies, music choices, worship forms, etc. That’s not as simple, is it? Or is it?


The Purpose of Trials

Recently I have been studying the “joy book” again. Although Paul wrote this short but most intimate letter to the believers in Philippi while in a Roman prison, not knowing what would happen to him, the theme throughout is joy. (Phil. 1:8, 25, 2:2, 17,28, 3:1, 4:1,4)


Real Reality Is Spiritual

Real Reality is Spiritual
One of the later influences on my life was a man who was also a good friend; Ed Beckley. He had an insatiable desire to know about everything, but always at the bottom was to know what was true and what was false, and he did not compromise; if it was truth you accepted it and if it wasn’t you debunked it as error. He was a thoughtful and generous person and would gladly help you if he could, and many can testify to that. He wrote the following:

One of Satan’s most insidious methods of dealing with believers in this age has been to create a great chasm between spiritual truth and real world truth. He has deceived mankind into believing that there are two diverse worlds, the physical and the spiritual. Physical realities are the domain of the scientist and historian. Spiritual matters are the domain of the philosopher and theologian. Physical truth is real truth but spiritual truth may or may not be related to reality. This means that what a person accepts by faith as a part of his religion does not necessarily have any basis in historic or scientific reality.


Walking in Jeremiah’s Shoes

There is an old Indian saying about “walking in another man’s moccasins.” Basically, it means to put yourself in another’s place before making a judgment. If you take the time to read the book that bears his name you can begin understand why Jeremiah was called “the weeping prophet”. It is not a cheerful book, and I have never given Jeremiah his due, but I am starting to admire his endurance.



“I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait on the LORD; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the LORD” (Psalm 27:13-14)


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